This time we cover all the gun mods, how to attach them to the weapons, and how they look and act! I also cover what attributes they affect, how their properties look in the xml files as covered in item_modifiers.xml file.

  • BarrelExtender
  • MuzzleBrake
  • FlashSuppressor
  • SoundSuppressor (silencer)
  • LaserSight
  • FlashLight
  • ScopeSmall (2x)
  • ScopeMedium (4x)
  • ScopeLarge (8x)
  • ReflexSight


  • Trigger-Semi
  • Trigger-Burst
  • Trigger-Full Auto


  • Shotgun Duckbill
  • Shotgun Choke
  • MagazineExtender
  • Shotgun Sawedoff


  • Ammo-FeelTheHeat
  • Ammo-CrippleEm

And I am sure a lot more to come!

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