It’s often that you might build a great place, but struggle to do something about those wires connecting all your electrical items! Generator to lights, to switched, traps, spotlights, motion sensors and what have you. What do you do in 7 Days to Die when you simply want wireless power? Well of course, you turn to the power of modlers in Alpha 17!

I go through how to create a wireless power box! It’s done easiest through a modlet, making it drag and drop, and future proof with any game upgrades.

Having made one of these in Alpha 16 which was well received, it’s been one of the top choices for modlets people have asked me to create in Alpha 17 as well!

1) How to setup the modlet, where, how.
2) Different files, structure, contents.
3) Putting it all together!
4) How to use it in game!

For those who’d rather just download (and not create your own!) please download –> Wireless_PowerBox_Vedui42 <– here! Unzip into the 7DTD Mods folder (create if needed) and you’re good to go!

Hope you enjoy!