Tired of sorting your loot in Subnautica? Then this is the mod for you! Pure relief from your headache of searching, sorting, resorting your lockers!

► Mod Page https://www.nexusmods.com/subnautica/mods/31

►Q Mod Manager & Modding Helper Guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Cik4MFNUCg&list=PL5Z54hiemOAsZqAMw2g51BnPqqfQeX6mz

⚫ Download the mod!
⚫ Unzip into Subnautica / Qmods
⚫ Configure the json file as needed!
⚫ Run the game, build!
⚫ Build the autosorter, then the receptacles!
⚫ Configure with the categories/items to go in!
⚫ Change colors, text, locker, icons!
⚫ Go scavenge, come back and drop everything into autosorter!

⚫ Watch it work, while you have a coffee!

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