We’re covering where to farm gold and obsidian in Conan Exiles! Heading north into Volcano land, past the northlands, we search for the elusive material!

Some things to consider:

⚫ Seeds ► Spices + meat ► Spiced haunch helps warm you up.
⚫ Warm clothing/armor!
⚫ Vitality attribute perk!

Avoid frosbite! It does kill!

⚫ North past the Bridge of the Betrayer!
⚫ Watch for undead warriors, and frostbite!

⚫ Head up east off the keep and up the road of the pilgrim!

⚫ Farm farm farm that gold and obsidian! (Ash seems pointless 😛

Funcom were kind enough to sponsor a copy for me to feature on my channels, a big thanks to them!

Whether it’s a play through, guides, streaming or clips, I hope you enjoy!

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