I’m on Patreon! It’s a site where everyone can help support the channel by pledging small amounts to keep the channel going! In effect it’s a monthly membership, much like YouTube sponsorship, Twitch Subscription and the like. The big difference is that Patreon charges very small fees (total ~10 % including payment processing) whereas Twitch and YouTube takes 50 % of the cake. So it’s much better for a content creator overall!

If you have a few spare dollars a month, consider supporting the channel.



Supporters who pledge also get some perks, which you can view on my Patreon page. While I run some game server(s) for everyone on my Discord (ie, free!) I also have some as Patron/Sub only, usually the 7 Days to Die server(s). Pledging can give you access to play with me, and the other supporters!

Only spend what you can afford, it’s completely optional, and all my content on YouTube is available regardless! This is just the icing on the cake!

Content creation takes a lot of time. A guide or tutorial might take 4 hours, it might take 8 or 16 hours. This to plan, prepare for (if there’s a showcase of game content like a base or build), not to mention recording (often multiple takes!). And then there are the hours of working with the audio and video files, editing and finally rendering. And the work doesn’t stop there. It has to be uploaded, thumbnail created, description written, video tagging, cards, before it can be published and announced on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and more!

I do it because I love doing this for the community, helping everyone out, giving ideas, feedback, and providing entertainment. Ultimately it’s for all of you great people out there!

Thanks to everyone for your continued support! 🙂 


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