We look at building a Starter Base in Alpha 17 of 7 Days to Die. We do this in a way that makes it an expandable concept, where you can start slow and then add on as you gather more resources and tech up for better blocks.

Start with flagstone and cobblestone, upgrade to concrete, the concept remains the same.

The base utilizes the new Alpha 17 Zombie AI and pathfinding, where zombies attempt to take the path of “least resistance” and end up going through spikes, barbed wire, but avoids bashing blocks unless there is no path to the player.

Some key things!

  1. 3 high minimum.
  2. Cobblestone is good. Flagstone maybe, but keep key parts to cobble for the HP.
  3. spikes.. and more spikes. 2 wide corridors are good!
  4. Barbed wire really slows them down. Can be made pretty inexpensively.
  5. Door placement can be important, but keep them open so the zeds have a way to path through!
  6. Make sure there’s a path to wherever you are in the base. Else zombies will not want to go through the base to get to you.
  7. Extra “appendix” with door/ladder/hatch so you can temporarily divert zombies while you go down and replace the main corridor spikes. Can be really useful as otherwise it’s easy to get killed in your own spike corridor if zombies surprise you in there 🙂
  8. Works well for hordes, even without electricity items/traps.

How do you build your base in A17?