This is a basic tutorial in how to download, install, setup, start and shutdown a 7 Days To Die Dedicated server on Windows. It utilizes the SteamCMD function as opposed to the Steam Client, making it useful for command line setup, and should work in a similar way even on multiple platforms if SteamCMD is available.

1) Create Folder
2) Download steamcmd at
3) Extract to the working Folder
4) Run application
5) Set install directory with force_install_dir .\7DTD\ or as required.
6) Login (note: If you have issued with your user/steamguard, login anonymous, which should bypass steamguard)
7) app_update 294420 (latest stable 7dtd release)
8) Quit
9) Edit serverconfig.xml
10) run startdedicated.bat
11) telnet localhost 8081 to access server command prompt
12) Shutdown

13) Profit!

Ports to forward on firewall for external access: TCP: 26900, UDP: 26900-26902

7 Days To Die Rat Tutorial:

Full steamcmd details –

Good luck!

/Vedui 🙂