What’s the best base design? Here it is! Well, out of mine anyhow! We’re making the best base design for hordes in 7 days to die, which comes complete with the simple fall trap should the zeds break through (unlikely). Each wall is doubled up poles, protected by dual electric fences, dual shotgun turrets, dual blade traps and of course, dual dart traps!

⚫ We use sod for the ground, with its great blast resistance!
⚫ Walls 6 x wide.
⚫ Towers on the corners. Standard design.
⚫ Don’t forget the ramps!
⚫ Poles! Two deep where possible.
⚫ Dual blade traps
⚫ Dual shotgun turrets
⚫ Dual dart traps
⚫ Dual electric fences per side
⚫ Trip wire!

⚫ Wiring it all up! Some go on trip wire, some on switch.
⚫ Iron bars around for protection.
⚫ Don’t forget the kill box, which gives a great view to fight from!
⚫ Concrete works, but steel works best!
⚫ Don’t forget to make a ladder down to the drop trap, and a way out!

⚫ Sit back and relax, you’re safe!

What’s your best horde base build? What defense designs to you put in place?

I’ll work on making this even better in future episodes, not that it’s strictly necessary, but to give further ideas of how to extend and layer the defenses even more!

Do let me know below in the comment section what your horde base designs are 🙂

► Horde battle in the base! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDQDyfzXuGA&list=PL5Z54hiemOAvaGeK8_3lOCst40s5vFYak

►Simple fall trap build guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlZNoMvxPNw&list=PL5Z54hiemOAvaGeK8_3lOCst40s5vFYak

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